Ciciu del Villar Regional Nature Reserve - Piedmont

Ciciu del Villar Regional Nature Reserve - Piedmont

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Special Regional Nature Reserve; established with L.R. August 31, 1989, n. 54.
Piemonte region
Province: Cuneo

The Ciciu del Villar Regional Nature Reserve occupies an area of ​​about 64 hectares, at an altitude between 640 - 1000 meters, in the Municipality of Villar San Costanzo. It is located in the foothills area, between Dronero and Busca.

Ciciu del Villar Regional Nature Reserve (photo Enrico Collo


Ciciu (which means puppet, omitted because the columns of earth, dominated by large boulders, remind men with hats) is the name used locally to indicate the erosion columns of Villar San Costanzo.
According to an ancient legend, the ciciu, would be Roman soldiers petrified by divine intervention, while they were about to lynch San Costanzo, the evangelizer of the area.
Today there are 400 of them with a diameter between 2 and 7 meters and with a height of up to 10 meters. The natural landscape modification process that began 12,000 years ago is still ongoing.
Until a few decades ago, in the area there were cultivations of vineyards and vegetables, while today the appearance is completely wild, with an arboreal vegetation formed by oaks, chestnuts, birches, maples and some artificially implanted coniferous species.
The area is frequented by several species of birds (buzzard, red and green woodpecker) and mammals (wild boars, foxes and badgers).

Information for the visit

The reserve can be visited all year round.

Management body of the Cuneo Parks and Natural Reserves
Via S. Anna, 34
12013 Chiusa Pesio (CN)
Tel. 0171 734021

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