Cattle breeds: Belgian Blanc-Bleu

Cattle breeds: Belgian Blanc-Bleu

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Origin and diffusion area

Breed very common in Belgium (50% of the bovine population), both pure and crossed, for the production of meat. It is called the Piedmontese of Belgium. where is the most represented breed. It derives from a selective action that began in the mid-nineteenth century on the local population in the southern part of Belgium, a population very bloodied by the Shorthorn. The goal, then, was to obtain dual-purpose animals with good muscle development. From 1950-60 the selection was oriented towards the production of meat animals.

Morphological characteristics

The coat color is white, white-blue (prevalent), more rarely white-black.
Fine skin. Short and fine (but strong) limbs.
Large and not tall animals.
The average weight of the calves at birth is 42 kg but, especially in the primiparous, there are some problems during the birth (50% of cesarean sections).
Today milk production is lower and closer to the needs of the calf.

Productive characteristics

Excellent characteristics for meat and exceptional development of muscle masses.
High slaughtering yield (65 to 70%).
The bull BBB is also used for industrial crossbreeding.
Sturdy breed that adapts to many situations. Mild temperament.

Cow with Belgian Blanc-Bleu breed calf

Belgian Blanc-Bleu bull

Belgian Blanc-Bleu bull in cream white color

Rear view of three Belgian Blanc-Bleu bulls in the permitted colors:
blue spotted, black and white spotted

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