Cattle breeds: Austrian Brown

Cattle breeds: Austrian Brown

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Origin and diffusion area

Austrian Bruna (international name Brown Mountain) is native to Austria (local name Osterreichisches Braunvieh). Formed in ancient times by selecting local breeds such as the breed of the Rhaetian Alps (with a black-brownish coat) and the Walser. Improved with blood of Swiss Brown, German Brown and Brown Swiss (USA). It was selected to be raised in very hostile environments. In Austria it represents about 12% of the bovine population (79% of Simmental). It is bred mainly in Austria (Tyrol, Voralberg and Styria).

Morphological characteristics

The color of the coat is dark brown (darker in the bull).
Black muzzle with white halo. Short, fine, clear and black horns at the tip.
Good conformation. Good balance of the milk / meat ratio (milk tends to prevail).
Considerable improvement in the udder and in the milk characteristics, maintaining the qualities of the breed (rusticity and exploitation of coarse fodder).
The size is smaller than in Swiss Brown, also in relation to difficult breeding conditions.
Average adult bovine weight 500-550 kg.

Productive characteristics

Exceptional adaptability to environment and climate, excellent rusticity. Excellent high mountain pasture.
Production data must be evaluated taking into account the difficult breeding environment.
Average production per head of the controlled cows 5,560 kg fat 4,12% protein 3,29% - 1994 data (considering the environment the production and the titles are good).
Fair performances as meat production.

Current Austrian Brown Cow

Austrian Brown 70s cow

Austrian Brown Bull

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