Common Household Bugs in North Dakota

Common Household Bugs in North Dakota

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Just as in any state, people living in North Dakota have to deal with household pests. However, with the proper precautions, residents of North Dakota can limit invasions from insects.


Cockroaches tend to congregate in your kitchen, feasting on crumbs in the night. They gain entry into your home through cracks in the wall, via vents and drainage pipes, attracted to places that are warm, dark and damp. Since your home is heated in the winter and stays warm in the summer, roaches can be a problem in North Dakota year-round. They usually appear at night and they keep their nests well-hidden. If your home is invaded by cockroaches, eliminate all food sources for the bugs. If a problem persists, call an exterminator.

  • Just as in any state, people living in North Dakota have to deal with household pests.
  • The Midwestern state, which borders Canada, falls prey to many of the same bugs that invade homes throughout the country.

Cupboard Bugs

Some insects in North Dakota are attracted to flour, cereals and grains. It is common to find certain insects living in and around foods that are kept in the cupboard. Confused flour beetles and red flour beetles are some of the most common bugs found in North Dakota cupboards. They can quickly infest and reproduce in your flour. Indian meal moths, which often come into the home via dry dog food, also frequently infest flour and other grains. Keeping your cupboards clean and placing new packages of flour and other grains in sealed plastic tubs will prevent these bugs from settling in your home.

Pests on Houseplants

Bugs in North Dakota also infest houseplants. The aphid are tiny bugs that feed on plant sap, piercing the flesh with tiny jaws and sucking out the sap. Their sticky waste then can make the plant a target for bacterial infection. Scale bugs also feed on plant sap and cover the plant with a sticky substance. Tiny spider mites create a silky webbing on the underside of the plant. Like other pests, they too suck out the plant's vital sap.

  • Some insects in North Dakota are attracted to flour, cereals and grains.


Ants are another common household bug in North Dakota. There are 10 species of ants in North Dakota. Most species of ant are attracted to homes where a food source is available. They will then leave an invisible trail of pheromones, which attracts the rest of the worker ants in the colony. Common ants are easy to control if you buy baits. However, other varieties in North Dakota, such as the carpenter ant, will likely require an exterminator.

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