How to take care of plants during vacation

How to take care of plants during vacation

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Preparing to go on vacation requires a little planning. We often need to make special arrangements to ensure care for the things we leave behind. Having someone keep an eye on the house, grab the mail, water the garden, and feed the pets is fairly standard stuff. If you are among the large number of people who have fallen in love with indoor gardening, you may have added some additional foliage plants to your home or you may even be approaching indoor urban jungle status. Now that your vacation is approaching, do you need to worry about all those houseplants too?

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ABC of Agri

Johnson County S. Make an appointment, before coming into the office. K-State Research and Extension is committed to making its services, activities and programs accessible to all participants.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting Johnson County Extension atNotify staff of accommodation needs as early as possible. K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Return to Flower articles I love container plants because they add so much to the garden.

I have them by my front door, along my garage entrance, on my patio and bracketing a seating area in the backyard. My boys are tired of seeing sticky notes on the microwave each morning. They are home from school and have been sleeping late while I go off to work. What to do with container plants when you are away Everyone likes to get away for a few days during the summer.

These travels could be for vacation, work, or just time away to visit family. That leaves us with the problem of how to keep our container plantings thriving in these hot, dry conditions. Here are several options to consider. Ask a neighbor. The most common solution for keeping the containers going while away from home is a reliable neighbor.

Asking a friend to come over and water is usually the simplest. I have a neighbor girl who just got a car and needs a few extra dollars for gas money come over and water when my family and I are out of town. I spent a few minutes showing her the location of the pots and water source.

If your neighbor agrees to help you out, offer to reciprocate when they go on vacation. What to do if help is not available If the neighbor is not on hand, there are a couple of other tricks that can help reduce the need for watering.

One is to group your containers. Groupings help reduce evaporation and transpiration from the pots. By grouping, I simply mean to move them all close together in one spot so that their canopies are touching. Grouping also helps reduce the work for the friendly neighbor. Another trick is to move your plants from the sunny locations to the shade.

This will give you a day or two reprieve, as we all know the benefits of shade during the summer. A short stay in the shade will not harm the sun loving plants. The grouping trick in the shade will also buy you a little more time between watering.

One of my favorite tricks, especially for the smaller pots that require seemingly constant watering, is to bring them indoors. I have set containers in my kitchen sink and they have done just fine for almost a week. It might lose a few leaves with the lower light, but once returned to their spot they quickly recover.

More advanced options: Irrigation systems For those that are not technologically challenged, many people with irrigation systems have hooked their containers up to a drip system.

The containers are then watered by the time clock, along with the rest of the landscape. There are pros and cons to this method, but it does work with proper planning.

No matter if you are planning a short little getaway or a big vacation, with a little thought your containers will survive a stressful summer.

At the Patton household, my boys will probably continue to see a sticky note each morning on the microwave listing a few little chores, such as watering the containers, unloading the dishwasher and feeding the dog. Have questions? Sign in. Monday - Friday, a. Phone: Email: garden.

How to Keep Your Plants Alive While on Vacation, According to Experts (Video)

Do you avoid vacations only because of concern for watering your indoor plants? Here are some easy ways to help you out Here are some easy ways to help you out …. In case of a short vacation of three to four days, the easiest way is to shift the plants to a cool, shaded, indoor location, and place drip pans beneath the pots. Water well, before you leave. The very thought of a vacation could be a cause of worry for those avid gardeners who have no one to water their plants in their absence. While two to three days without water may not cause damage to most plants, a longer duration would affect them detrimentally.

Ways to Water Plants While on Vacation. While pet owners worry about who is going to take care of their dog or cat during a vacation, gardeners have the.

Simple Tips To Take Care of Plants During Vacation

House plants can be so finicky. But there are ways you can keep your plants alive without having to assume your friends will do the work for you. The plant experts at both of these companies are always giving out the best advice to keep your houseplants and bouquets happy and healthy for longer than you ever imagined. According to The Spruce , succulents like aloe vera and jade, or plants like pothos, lucky bamboo, and Chinese evergreen are also great options. Hewitt also suggested purchasing an automatic watering system. Amazon has a large variety of watering cones , fancy glass bulbs , cute watering birds , and in-house irrigation systems for reasonable prices. Plus, you can use these systems throughout the year.

How To Care For Houseplants While On Vacation?

Even the most scrupulous couch potatoes sooner or later face the problem of caring for plants during their absence. Business trips, vacations, interesting travels seem incompatible with the desire to have a collection of indoor plants. Many, precisely because of the impossibility of providing indoor plants with constant care, completely refuse to plant greenery in their rooms. And in vain!

August 11,So you're going away on vacation?

What to do with your plants when you go on holiday/vacation

In summer , when they were sprouting all those new leaves and blossoms, they needed enough fuel to sustain them through that growth spurt. From November until March, most of your houseplants should only be watered once every two weeks. Always make sure that the moisture in the soil has completely evaporated before watering again. Succulents typically can be watered every three weeks, and cacti can pretty much be left alone all season. No need to fertilize either—wait until spring right at the first signs of growth. Keep everything in the same container it was in previously—repotting will just shock the roots—and give it a good wipe-down before bringing it in to avoid any hitchhiking bugs.

How to water plants while away

Flooding the pots and placing them in a basin before you leave is not a prudent option — except for papyrus — as you may suffocate the roots. For a short time, however, you can water them to fill the cup. Normally, garden plants — unless you have planted really bad species or there is a big drought — should get by without you! This is especially true for trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers. On the other hand, if you have recent plantations — less than 6 months — you will have to help them. It can not be seen, but a young plant does not have the same rooting quality as a plant that has been well established for years, so if it is dry, it will begin to suffer after a week. Same thing if you have sown annuals — they will often need help.

7 Steps to Care for Your Plants Before You Go on Vacation. Whether you came to plant-parenthood throughout the stay-at-home year that was.

How to keep plants alive while on vacation

Keeping indoor plants alive while on vacation is always a challenge. Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors? If you have to leave your plants to go on vacation, you have to leave them with someone you trust, who can easily come by. To make their job easier, gather all your indoor plants in the same room.

Going on Vacation? How to Make Sure Your Air Plants Stay Happy

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Plants can be found in nearly every house, apartment, or really any dwelling we call home. It may be that spider plant in your home office, or the avocado seed rooted in water on the kitchen windowsill, or even an entire collection of African violets or another favorite family of plants. As the weather has finally decided to get warm, and stay warm, it is time to get those houseplants outdoors for the summer to recharge and to let the summer rains rinse off the dirt, dust, and grime from being inside for months. But, before you set them outdoors in the full sun, there are a couple of things to consider:.Put them out in direct light, and they will sunburn just like us.

With the holidays coming up, many of us are facing hectic travel schedules. How do we care for our plants when we leave for vacation?

Houseplant Care Tips for Vacation

The last week in July has gardeners wondering what to do with their plants when they go on vacation. The easy answer is to hire a garden friendly neighbor to come over and water potted plants and hanging baskets. Other ideas are to bring your lovely blooming basket over to a friend's house so it too can enjoy a little change of scenery. This isn't practical if you have a large or heavy collection of potted plants so here are some more water-conserving ideas if you have to be gone for a long weekend or short week:. Move your pots to a shaded or semi-shaded spot.

You can now take a deep breath and enjoy your time away because you can prepare your garden before you leave for your vacation. Alternatively, some folks wait until the fall or winter to travel since the growing season will be over. You can buy a timer to start and stop your soaker hoses.