Outdoor living landscape design and construction gallery

Outdoor living landscape design and construction gallery

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Outdoor living landscape design and construction gallery from home &, garden: of the Week | 03.18.17

Deck alterations from a local landscape contractor by Mark Kaufman (designer and owner of Mark Kaufman Designs) with digital rendering from RMK.

Inspired by an architectural style he saw on the cruise ships of the Caribbean, Mark Kaufman designed this intimate garden and pond project for a home in the Chicago suburbs. The project was completed in the spring of 2014.

Take a look at the landscaping photographs and get more details from Mark Kaufman about the project below.

Garden image: Woodbridge Landscape Design and Construction – Chateau Valley Lake, IL – designed by Robert Schwarm and Build-A-Landscape.

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This pool was designed for a new home in Palm Beach, FL. It is the largest in the neighborhood and extends under the home and out to the deck above it.

An outdoor room on the deck of a home in Denver, CO by Mark Kaufman of Mark Kaufman Designs.

Take a look at the landscaping photographs and get more details from Mark Kaufman about the project below.

The garden area is surrounded by glass on three sides and covered with clematis and various other climbing vines. It faces southwest so the plants need only to be watered once or twice a week during the summer and once every week during the winter.

In this project, the windows and patio doors have been replaced with picture windows allowing you to see what is going on inside the house.

In this project, the doors have been replaced with glass blocks for safety and security and the walls of the deck have been removed for additional privacy.

This project was done using state of the art laser scanners and the planning software Zaha Hadid’s design:

The stairs, railings and other hardware are designed in a simpler style because they will be covered with decking. A very minimalistic and functional design for this home in Boca Raton, FL.

Take a look at the landscaping photographs and get more details from Mark Kaufman about the project below.

High and low changing levels of light with the old windows and newer picture windows help the landscape function more as an outdoor room. The planters for the edges of the grassy areas at different heights, so that the home owner can select the height of the grass and other ground cover plants to fit the site and season.

This deck, designed by Mark Kaufman, is being built at the time of this writing. It was designed as the basis for a tropical pool with a copper roof,

A grand patio covered in a new roof designed by Mark Kaufman of Mark Kaufman Designs, along with a series of smaller and more casual outdoor rooms designed and built around this patio and leading down to the pool area. This outdoor room features views of the water.

An outdoor living space in the backyard of a home in St Louis, MO designed by Mark Kaufman of Mark Kaufman Designs. The four bold boulders, which Mark Kaufman called “beanbags,” add scale to the outdoor area. A series of seating areas offer a variety of seating for guests or sitting for just a moment to enjoy the view.

This backyard is near a busy highway. A portion of the homeowners’ time is spent cleaning and maintaining the soil in the beds and plants. A new rockery was added to the space as a way to protect the soil from the road.

In this project, Mark Kaufman utilized rich, green tones for the grasses and a variety of plants to break up the shapes and hardscapes of the wall and the concrete elements of the roof.

In this project, the concrete is darker and warmer than the yellow of the surrounding wall.

The small design ideas, attention to detail and the planting plans are inspired by the style of Zaha Hadid’s Vitra Home &, Garden:

An outdoor living area for a home in Bellaire, MI. The space is enclosed with a screen made of dried reed and is hung to cover the entire space and cover the drip tiles that run the length of the ceiling.

A planter box designed and built in the front yard of a home in Rolling Hills, PA. The box allows the homeowners to enjoy flowers throughout the year while providing full shade throughout the summer.

A view of the front yard in the daylight. The plants in the planters are colorful and are designed to be stepped upon. In the front of the yard are two mounds and stone sculptures which are used as stepping stones when exiting the yard and entering the garage.

A modern outdoor room designed for a home in Tiburon, CA, which also includes a rooftop greenhouse for the homeowners. The greenhouse was designed using the same computer software Zaha Hadid used to design the Wright Center for the Performing Arts in St. Louis, MO.

An open plan living area in the back yard of a home in Ann Arbor, MI by Mark Kaufman of Mark Kaufman Designs, where the homeowner can look out at the garden and into the living room at the same time.

In this project, the roof is covered with a composite membrane that reflects sunlight.

This was done for a home in Evergreen, CO by Mark Kaufman of Mark Kaufman Designs. The space was enclosed with aluminum panels that could be opened or closed.

A large, open-air fireplace designed by Mark Kaufman and installed at the top of this basement stairs, which leads to the second story of this home.

The stairway leads to a patio space designed and built around the fireplace, which is lit at night by an ambient lighting feature created with concrete and LEDs that can be controlled by a smart phone.

A full glass porch roof is featured in this project in New York City.It is attached to the house with a long post and sheet metal joists.

One of the most beautiful additions of garden structure was designed for a home in Chicago, IL, built in 1995.

This was designed by Mark Kaufman for the owner’s house and was inspired by the “Mongols” courtyard at the Vitra Home and Garden

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