Guinea pig breeds: Minipli

Guinea pig breeds: Minipli

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Rare varietes. The miniplis is a "mutation" of the Alpaca. Occasionally born from the mating of a Lunkarya with a Peruvian parent, grandfather or great-grandfather with a Peruvian Alpaca carrier, but the birth of this species is very rare, and very complex is the recognition of this species and the distinction from Texel, from Alpaca and Lunkarya.

General aspect

The texture of the hair is reminiscent of that of the Alpaca, the hair is thin and soft and has many small ringlets that give it an "afro" style. The touch sensation is that of cotton wool.

by Vittoria Soncini

Minipli adult female (photo

Minipli male puppy (photo

Video: Guinea Pig Bath Time (July 2022).


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