Horse breeds: Highland Pony

Horse breeds: Highland Pony

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Origins and attitudes

Scottish pony breed (Great Britain), of which there are two varieties: the Hebrides and the Mainland.
Of very ancient origins, it lived for many centuries in the wild before being domesticated by the man who lightened its lines with the contribution of Arab blood and thoroughbred.
Saddle ponies, light shooting and farm work, is bred today for riding in the countryside and riding stables.
Robust and resistant.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Coat: gray, isabella, sorcino, bay, morello and burnt chestnut.
Height at the withers: 125 - 144 cm.
Average weight: 280 -350 kg.
Intelligent, docile and sensitive character.

Highland Pony (photo

Video: Working Highland Ponies Harrowing Vintage Day 29May16 (May 2022).