Horse breeds: Landais

Horse breeds: Landais

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Origins and attitudes

The Landais (or Landese) is a pony native to the forests of the Landes, in south-western France. The origins of this horse go back to prehistory; it also appears to have received Arab blood supplies as early as the Battle of Poitiers (732). Barthais is also included in this breed, once considered a separate breed, slightly taller and heavier. Today pure subjects are rare.
Rugged and rustic, it is considered a saddle horse (also for young riders) and light shooting.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Coat: gray, bay morello (rarer).
Height at the withers: 120 - 130 cm.
Weight: 160 - 200 kg.
Cheerful and independent character.

Landais pony (photo

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