Horse breeds: Marwari

Horse breeds: Marwari

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Origins and attitudes

Ponies originally from India (Marwari).
In all probability Marwari originated in the territories north-west of India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and in particular Turkmenistan, home of desert horses of the caliber of the extraordinary Akhal-Tekè. It appears that Arab-type strains found in Iran had some influence, but certainly in the 19th century, the Arabs were imported into nearby Gujarat from the Arabian Gulf and the Cape Province. The Arab blood produced a greater stature and gentler forms, without altering the qualities of resistance and frugality.
One of the most appreciated characteristics of the breed are the typical curved ears, with the tip turned inwards, an attribute found in all the equine population of the west Indian coast, as well as in that of Maharashtra.
Good rustic riding, also used for soma and work in the fields. The tenacious and unpredictable character makes it suitable only for expert riders. The breed has a natural range, known as a revaal, common to many Asian strains.

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Coat: bay, gray, chestnut, isabella, piebald.
Both the mane and the tail are fine and the coat is silky to the touch.
Height at the withers: approximately 145 cm.
Weight: 250 - 300 kg.
Features pointed ears with the tip facing inside.
The body, well proportioned with respect to the back, is long and deep enough to allow a fast gait.
Tenacious and unpredictable character.

Marwari Pony (photo

Video: What Is A Marwari Horse? Mandha Stud Farm at Pushkar Fair Mela 2018 (July 2022).


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